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Uncrowned is a company for New World. Focused on PvP and Territory Control, Uncrowned caters towards a more competitive mindset. Valuing precision level teamwork and coordination, our pursuit for PvP is what defines us.


"Uncrowned is a community of passionate gamers. Whatever game we go into, you can expect our total involvement into that game. From theory crafting to min-maxing results. We're there."


"Team synergy is a cornerstone of Uncrowned We will always emphasize team-based objectives over personal kill-counts and other goals."

Good Vibes

"Uncrowned has a Zero tolerance policy on toxic and elitist behavior. We realize what makes a guild great is the atmosphere that builds around it."
Choose Your Path


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Uncrowned offers a home to any type of player regardless of playstyle. In our eyes, all types of players are needed to become successful in the New World. With that said, Uncrowned offers 5 pillars. These pillars act as our central guideline, ensuring that all guild objectives impact one of these pillars in some shape or form.


Player politics are a key in New World. A constant evolving factor, Uncrowned has developed a unique system that will benefit not only the guild, but players within the settlement.


Crafting is a central point in New World. As a company, Uncrowned dedicates members to specific professions, creating a holistic self-sufficient economy.


Like any MMO, New World poses a problem to any player. Limited resources. Supporting our crafters can only go so far, Uncrowned understands the importance of the economic aspect of New World.

PvP & Territory War

PvP is at the center of New World and therefore a central focus of Uncrowned. Territory Control will always be at the forefront of our objectives.


At this time, it is unclear of what type of PvE content is available outside of crafting.


Uncrowned is an upcoming Company for New World that is always in search of passionate gamers. Our vision for this company is to create a community that is competitive and enjoy each other’s presence in a respectful environment.