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Crowned Gaming

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Crowned Gaming is a division of Uncrowned Gaming that caters towards a more competitive and hardcore player. Crowned Gaming focuses on MMOs that foster a competitive guild environment and requires large-scale organization. These MMOs tend to require precision level teamwork and coordination. It is for that reason why Crowned Gaming is born. We are a gaming division dedicated towards perfection. A true paradise for Min-Maxers and PvP enthusiasts.


"Crowned Gaming is a community of passionate gamers. Whatever game we go into, you can expect our total involvement into that game. From theory crafting to min-maxing results. We're there."


"Team synergy is a cornerstone of Crowned Gaming. We will always emphasize team-based objectives over personal kill-counts and other goals."

Good Vibes

"Crowned Gaming has a Zero tolerance policy on toxic and elitist behavior. We realize what makes a guild great is the atmosphere that builds around it."
Choose Your Path


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Crowned Gaming is involved in several games with the intention of being an accomplished guild in all of them. Any game Crowned Gaming decides to go into, rest assured that we will put our best efforts forward.


Guild Imperium is a guild for Astaria Online. Slaying Demon Lords & Raiding Dragons. Enter the world of Astaria with us as we burn and cleanse the demonic forces.


Conquest is a guild bent on taming the vast unknown wilderness of Inferna. Bringing glory to the Caratas faction, join us as we forge out our path across the vast expanses of the continent.


The Crown is a gaming division that is always in search of passionate gamers. Our vision for this division is to create a community that is competitive and enjoy each other’s company in a respectful environment.