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Astaria Online


Imperium is a guild for Astaria Online. Our goal is to be at the forefront of Liberation Campaigns. We aim to build a guild dedicated towards territory capture and endgame content. With Astaria’s unique Liberation system, we aim to maximize the results in capturing land and defending it from Demon campaigns. Specialized in logistics and organization, we believe Imperium can be a server leader in this regard.


Dragon Slayers

The main endgame objective of Imperium is to ultimately slay a dragon. Dragons in Astaria are legendary world bosses and the ultimate trophy. Imperium will be focusing all of its efforts to locate and hunt down this fabled enemy.


Peace & Diplomacy

The developers of Astaria have heavily emphasized that server coordination with other guilds is required to take on these vast server-wide raids. Imperium will always be open to working with other guilds and sharing information. We strongly believe cooperation with the server is the key to success in Astaria.

A Long and Dangerous Quest

The scope and vision set out before us is considered an ambitious, daunting, and some would even say daring journey. The Imperium is not for the weak-hearted. It will take members with vision and perseverance to see this through. However, it is at the core of the founding of this great guild that we will take this journey together as a community. We will not rest until we hunt down a dragon and purge the land of demons.
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These are the current goals of the Imperium and are subject to change as we approach closer to launch.

Form the Community

We will begin recruitment for the Imperium developing and forming the core.


Purge the Demons

We will then be an active force on the server in the Liberation Campaign against the demonic forces.


Dragon Hunting

Our main goal will be to hunt the endgame world boss, dragons.

What we look for

Imperium is a unique guild. Unlike most guilds in Crowned Gaming, we take a more laid back approach. We believe Astaria offers an environment where members can truly be themselves and be a part of a community.

Imperium will always have its doors open for passionate individuals. These are individuals that are committed to being in Astaria for the long term. Imperium is a guild that has 1 core mission. To hunt a dragon.

Astaria boasts about a complex territory capture system requiring logistics and communication. Imperium will always search for individuals that wish to play support roles such as logistics and crafting.

At the end of the day, Imperium is searching for members who carry good vibes. We're here to have fun. Sitting in Discord luaghing and sending memes should always be a commonplace thing in Imperium.